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  Pressure Vessels
  Lpg Tanks
Semi Trailer
    Lpg Storage Tanks
    Skid Tanks
Autogas-Bulk Storage Tanks
  Cryogenic Tanks
Transport LNG Tanks
O2-N2-Ar Tanks
Carbon dioxide Storage and Transport Tanks
Chlorine Storage and Transport Tanks
  Fuel Oil Tanks
Single Wall Underground or aboveground Fuel Oil Storage Tank
Double Wall Underground or Aboveground Fuel Oil Storage Tank
  Other Products
Any Kind Of Tanks Which Are Designed For Special Purposes
    Concrete Transmixer
Cement Silo
Bulk Carrier


CHN Hamle Makina was founded in order to carry out producing fuel-oil tanks and pressure vessels in 1993.

CHN Hamle Makina has 4000m² indoor and 13000m² outdoor production areas.

CHN Hamle Makina has become a trustable company in the sector quickly.

CHN Hamle Makina has been ınvestıng in workforce, technıcal information and equipment in the worlwide standards to supply demands of its clients

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